My Week in Food.

I started off the week with the best of intentions – loads of healthy salads and daily gym and swimming sessions yet the lure of dinners at La Table de Tee and EAT ME proved too strong to resist. The less that is said about my afternoon/evening at Lady Bretts Saturday Block Party the better, unless you consider Hemmingway daiquiris to be lunch that is!

 As promised, this was dinner on Monday night, mixed leaves with carrot, sweetcorn, juicy cherry tomatoes, walnuts, avocado and cheddar cheese – I also added a little balsamic dressing but it didn’t look so pretty after that! This tends to be what salads are like when I order from room service – still very tasty but not as good as when I get the full run of ingredients allowing me to come up with one of my own concoctions.

Tuesday night was spent at Table de Tee (you can read my blogpost on it here ) and whilst I enjoyed all of the dishes , this one was definitely the standout success of the evening. Raviolo filled with prawn and garlic in a lightly scented coconut sauce with sautéed squid, clams and aubergine tempura. I know it sounds like there is a lot going on here but it was actually a really delicate dish, beautifully composed and it was a great start to our meal.

Heres one of my lunch salads, Mixed leaves with carrot, peppers, fried taro, chillis, tofu and baby aubergines. In the absence of something substantial like avocado, roast pumpkin or chickpeas I always try to add in some tofu wherever possible – it’s probably one of my favourite sources of protein and luckily it is in constant supply here in Thailand!

I finally got to visit EAT ME on Thursday night, it is somewhere I have wanted to visit since I arrived and I am sorry it took me this long to do so as dinner was exceptional. I will write up a full post on my dinner later this week but this dish was tied for first place (with the bone marrow, salsa verde and truffle) when it came to my favourite dishes of the evening. Lightly toasted sourdough bread was spread with Nduja (a spicy Italian sausage) chilli, fresh honeycomb and topped with manchego cheese. Trust me when I tell you this dish was just a flavour explosion – unbelievably good! The spiciness of the Nduja and chilli combined with the salty manchego and intensely sweet honeycomb was just the most incredible combination – Wow, just WOW. With a full kitchen in operation until 1am I will definitely go back for some of their appetisers and their great selection of cocktails and wines by the glass and am fully intending on returning for dinner with the girls sooner rather than later.

A much more restrained breakfast followed the next morning, lots of lovely crunchy rose apple and sweet, sweet yellow mango. I am not sure how I will cope without all these lovely fruits when I’m back visiting the UK next month (although my list of restaurants to visit is getting out of control so that should soften the blow!)

Rounding off the week I was invited to dinner at my friend Marissa’s house and offered to take along a salad with me. I found some lovely salad greens in Central Chitlom along with radishes form the Royal projects, pomegranate seeds, red onion, walnuts and a great feta cheese. I really enjoyed it and the ladies seemed to as well – although Marissa’s Lasagna definitely stole the show! We started with Hendricks G&T’s garnished with baby cucumbers before moving onto a nice bottle of Italian red a  “Modello delle Venezie” from Masi. Anna bought (far too much) delicious crusty bread and Nianne finished the meal with insanely naughty chocolate fondant ice cream and cookies. It was the perfect end to a perfect week and great to see Marissa before she heads off for a 10 day European holiday.

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  1. Wow – you are a real foodie! Amazing pictures, you made me hungry.

  2. Sounds like you had a great week!
    Englands having some beautiful weather so hopefully it stays that way for you xx

    1. beirutibrit says:

      Oh I hope so! Just a few more weeks to go!

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