May Veggie Home Vegan Restaurant, Soi 16, Bangkok.

I was vegetarian for about 15 years when I was younger and still eat veggie quite frequently, vegan food on the other hand is a whole other ball game and I find it much harder sticking to a vegan diet as ingredients like milk, butter and cheese sneak into so many western dishes and of course in Asia you have the ubiquitous fish sauce in just about everything!

I had heard quite a lot about May Veggie Home from several of my friends and so decided to check it out for dinner one night with my friend Bek who is currently trying to eat vegetarian for one day of the week as we thought this would remove all temptation and ensure we stuck to our plans!

The restaurant certainly looks like a vegan restaurant, all natural wood and brightly coloured paintings on the wall of a spiritual earth mother or natural style. I would have liked some sort of fabric in there to help soften the acoustics as the noise seems to bounce off every wall and hard surface but I imagine it would look better during the day when it was flooded with natural sunlight.

We decided to order a selection of dishes to share amongst the four of us as the menu is not only huge but there are a surprising number of tasty looking dishes on it and we were struggling to choose just one each! From the salad section we chose an Avocado Salad with Sesame Dressing (179THB) and a Grilled Tofu Salad (149THB) with a Japanese soy dressing along with a Tofu Larb (99THB) from the Thai section too. For main courses we chose the Deluxe Veggie Burger (159THB) with its signature patty of beans and 15 spices served in an English muffin along with Pho Yam (149THB) a Vietnamese vegetable noodle dish in a sweet and sour sauce with crispy mushrooms and a Penang Curry with tofu and vegetables (129THB).

All the dishes were served when they were ready which meant our table was soon heaving under the weight of all the dishes we had ordered (yet our total bill came to just 400 THB a head) Of all the dishes, I think it was the tofu larb and the Pho Yam which most impressed.

The larb had a lovely crunch from the ground rice inside and a great kick of chilli too whilst the sweet and sour sauce on the noodles and the lovely crisp fried mushrooms meant we kept going back for more of the noodles too!

Only the avocado salad disappointed with less than 1/2 an avocado on top – we far preferred the Japanese style grilled tofu in its soy based dressing. For desserts, 3 of us chose ice cream, sampling everything from the green tea, Thai tea and cacao flavours with J trying the last slice of vegan carrot cake which tasted exactly like the “real” version to us, as did the ice creams.

May Veggie Home is not necessarily somewhere I would head back to for dinner as I felt it lacked ambience however I would definitely return for lunch as the dishes we tried really impressed and I think eating a little less meat can only be a good thing for everyone.

* The restaurant is just next to the Park Plaza hotel on Ratchadaphrisek rd as you head towards Benjakiti Park.

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