My Week In Food.

I only had a couple of nights out this week as I wanted to save myself up for my weekend trip to Hong Kong with my friends Anna and Nianne but there was still plenty of great food on offer as you can see from my pictures below.

My lovely friend Bek has started trying to eat vegetarian once a week on the day on which she was born – Tuesday in her case. I had dinner with her last week and she managed to not only order crab pasta but was happily munching away on a chicken wing until she realised that this was also not vegetarian! In order to make things easier I suggested we should check out Veggie May Home on Soi 16 in Asok as they are a pure vegan restaurant and we would have no opportunity to cheat! A full blog post on Veggie May Home is pending but this was one of my favourite dishes – a tofu larb. Minced tofu was tossed with toasted, ground rice for a lovely crunch as well as lots of fresh herbs, lime and chilli and I actually think it was one of the best larbs I have ever eaten! As they didn’t serve alcohol, I had a pineapple juice with sweet basil – pretty tasty!

This is another work breakfast, fresh pomelo and watermelon. I have said before how much I love all the amazing fruit in Thailand and pomelo is definitely one of my favourites. Sweeter than grapefruit, I love how the individual segments of fruit burst inside your mouth, truly delicious!

My assistant at work left this week and as a thank you I took her and my team out for lunch at Soi Polo restaurant None of my colleagues had been before and recommending a Thai restaurant to 14 Thai people was a little stressful but to my huge relief they all loved it! We ordered a huge selection of dishes to share between us, you can see their signature fried chicken with garlic below along with sai oua, the red curry pork sausage that I have become addicted to since moving here as well with a lovely zingy som tum with shrimps.

We flew to Hong Kong at 2:00am on Saturday morning and one of our first port of calls was Maxims City Hall for a dim sum lunch with my friends Nic and Fran who live in Hong Kong. Anna had never eaten dim sum before so it was fun to introduce her to all these outstanding new dishes. Below you can see BBQ pork che cheong fun – a rice pancake filled with pork and topped in a sweet soy sauce as well as BBQ pork buns in a lovely short crust style pastry and these vibrant yellow egg tarts. I love the classic trolley service offered at Maxims – it really is a must on any tourist itinerary when visiting Hong Kong.

I will leave you with what was probably on of the best dishes of the weekend, Little Baos truffle fries. Since opening on Staunton street in Central Hong Kong in late 2013, Little Bao has been winning huge praise for their imaginative take on transforming classic Asian ingredients and these truffle fries served with shitake tempeh, truffle mayo and pickled daikon are a great example of this. There is a full post still to come on the fabulous Little Bao but I couldn’t wait until then to show you these….

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  1. Amy says:

    I can’t believe how shiny the glaze on those custard tarts is!
    Can’t wait to hear all about Hong Kong xx

    1. beirutibrit says:

      They were so good!

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