My Week In Food.

I seem to have had another fairly quiet week, whilst the coup is still in place and we appear to be no closer to forming a government here in Thailand it is true that the military rule has bought a certain calm to the city. The curfew looks likely to remain in place for a while but has at least been pushed back to midnight meaning that for most independent bars and restaurants life has returned back to normal.

I started the week with a nice healthy breakfast of fresh mango at work. You will probably be seeing a lot of mango in the weeks and months to come as it really is just perfect right now! When choosing the perfect mango, you want to look for a clear, unblemished skin and the flesh should be slightly soft to the touch without being mushy. The fruit should also give off a sweet, perfumed aroma when held to your face.

I met my friend Marissa at the Rocket Coffee Bar in Central Embassy for lunch on my day off and whilst I was tempted to have the same Medi – Terra Mezze I had last time we went, instead I chose to have the Roast Pumpkin Salad with Tofu and Asparagus in a Carrot-Truffle Miso Dressing. I loved the savoury, umami hit in the dressing from the miso and the addition of plump little sultanas added a lovely sweetness to the dish.

You may have noticed that noodles are a recurring theme in my work lunches. I was delighted this week when I saw Khao Soi was making its reappearance on the buffet. This is definitely one of my favourite Thai dishes and one I was not familiar with before I moved here. Originating from Burma and made popular in the Northern regions of Thailand, Khao Soi is an egg noodle dish with a spicy chicken and coconut milk curry sauce that is garnished with crunchy red onion and pickled vegetable as well as a little squeeze of lime to lift the dish, not forgetting a good spoonful of dried chilli paste at the end too.

On Wednesday night I met some friends at the Londoner to take advantage of their all night, buy one get one free drinks offer. Alex had made chocolate chip biscuits with his kids earlier in the week and through the power of social media we persuaded him to make another batch especially for us. I was happy to spot that he used a recipe from Henry Dimbleby, one of the brains behind LEON which surely has to be one of my favourite London restaurant groups (although Alex reduces the sugar and only uses 70% cocoa – fancy!)

I was off on Sunday and so arranged to visit Quince for brunch. I figured that it would be too much to have one of the salads as well as my breakfast bun but when I saw they sold side orders of “Quinoa Tabouleh” I thought this would be a great way of getting some extra veggies. Whilst the tabbouleh was not the classic version – no parsley in sight! it was still very good indeed, I had forgotten how much I love the nuttiness of quinoa and will definitely be eating it again sooner rather than later.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Aah I’ve been on the hunt for quinoa in Bangkok for ages! That tabbouleh looks just delicious. I know that was from a restaurant, but do you have any idea where one might find quinoa to cook with from home?

    xxx Amanda

    1. beirutibrit says:

      Thanks for reading! You can buy quinoa in Villa (I know the one in ploenchit has it) as well as Sunshine market in Ploenchit, Tops, Central and Gourmet – its not cheap though – 250 THB for around 500g so I’m told. Happy cooking!

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