The Water Library, The Grass, Thonglor Soi 12.

Overseen by award winning Mixologist Mirko Gardelliano, the Water Library is one of Thonglors ritzier bars and whilst it is not a venue for every day drinking (unless you are the sort of person who can drop up to 500 THB on a cocktail without a second thought) no inquisitive cocktail lover should miss the opportunity to drink there at least once.

Whilst home made spirit infusions and freshly pressed juices are no longer the novelty they may have been when I started out bartending, it is still surprising how many bars are willing to take the easy way out when it comes to crafting cocktails. Happily that is not the case at Water Library and although a “Cocktail Celebration of Gummy Bears” isn’t usually the sort of thing to get me too excited, even I had to admit that the cocktail I tried was pretty impressive. The eponymous “Gummy Bear” was made using Gummy Bear infused Beefeater Gin shaken with fresh passionfruit, mango, orange and lemon with a splash of sugar syrup and served martini style with dry ice swirling round and surrounding the glass. The citrusy undertones of the gin were really heightened by all the fruit juices used making for a pleasant (if not expensive 390++) drink. I had already visited once with friends over from the UK a few months back and so knew which drink Anna should try for full effect and that was the “Nitrogen Apple Daiquiri” Prepared tableside, a rough sorbet is made through the use of dry ice to flash freeze fresh pressed green apple juice, rum and sugar cane. This is then served heaped high in a martini glass with a spoon as opposed to the straw, the tanginess of the crisp apple coming as quite a surprise to one expecting a more delicately flavoured drink.

Special mention should also go to the lovely ladies behind the bar who not only knew how to mix a great drink but were excellent fun to chat with and attentive to all our drinking needs. I can think of a great deal of bars who could teach their staff something simply by sending them here to watch and observe how they work.

That’s not to say Water Library is only for cocktail lovers. They also house an extensive selection of spirits, wines and cigars, perfect for enjoying on their comfy outdoor terrace and the first floor is home to a private 10 seater dining room where you can book in for a truly unique gastronomic evening with menus and drinks carefully tailored to peoples individual dining preferences, ascertained when booking.

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