My Week in Food.

I had a relatively quiet start to the week, with the curfew still in place and the Military Coup meant that we needed senior management on site to deal with guest enquiries and to put them at ease, luckily as the week progressed and the curfew was pushed back so I was able to get out and about a bit more after work.

On Monday we hosted a VIP dinner for a couple of our guests and whilst I had to oversee the proceedings, I was lucky enough to be able to join everyone for a glass of Prosecco and dessert. At the top of the plate there is a small mango millefeuille, to the right of this is the layered mango sticky rice followed by a scoop of homemade coconut ice-cream and then a mini mango pudding underneath the spun sugar. Mango season is well underway here and they are even more flavoursome and perfumed than usual

photo 1

On Tuesday I went to Pecha Kucha at Sasin Hall and indulged in one of the delicious pulled pork sandwiches from Sloanes with lots of pickles and plenty of Thaibasco, a locally produced chilli sauce. With a refreshing IPA from Beervana it was the perfect meal to distract from me from the stupid 10pm curfew!

On Wednesday I headed out to buy some new work shoes and as I find shoe shopping about as pleasurable as waterboarding, I treated myself to this fun ice lolly from Siam Paragon to cheer myself up afterwards. Made in the Thai Flag colours, it is layers of strawberry sorbet, coconut and butterfly pea – believe it or not but only natural colourings are used.

This is yet another noodle soup from work; egg noodles with tiny pork wontons and my standard seasonings. The wontons are the perfect size to pop in your mouth in one go and literally melt as the pork is so tender.

photo 1

We headed back to Opposite Mess Hall to pick up my Kimchee that I had asked for when I had dinner there last week. I had another of the delicious tempeh buns and Anna and I shared the roasted aubergine and feta bruschetta as well, you can expect to see a lot of kimchee in next week’s work meals!

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