My Week in Food

I started off last week with one of my favourite lunches, “Chicken Noodle Soup”. The broth is quite a bit lighter than it usually is here, I always add egg noodles and shredded chicken to it as well as lots of condiments as you can see!

Other work lunches included “Sai Oua” ( the picture is the whole portion from the buffet, I didn’t eat all of that!) which is a Northern Thai sausage from Chiang Mai. Made from fatty cuts of pork  mixed with chilli, diced lemongrass, garlic, kaffir lime and other Thai spices it is definitely one of my favourite Thai dishes.

Rounding up the work lunches, I had “Khanoom Jeen Namya” which is a Southern Thai dish of rice noodles with a coconut milk based red fish curry sauce. I garnish mine with lots of chopped green beans and pickles as well as some boiled egg slices and lots of nam pla phrik and dried chilli  for extra flavour. Absolutely delicious!

On Thursday night I went out with the girls to Lyrical Lunacy, a night of poetry and spoken word which was held on Soi 11. We met before hand  for a quick drink and then had dinner at Sri Ganesh (blogpost pending) a great South Indian restaurant on Soi 13. I chose the “Mysore Rava Sada Dosa” which is a wafer thin rice pancake with lots of dried spices inside which is spread with a thin layer of Indian chutney. I used to practically live off dosa when I first moved to Singapore and this was a great version!

On Sunday I had Brunch at Appia with my friend Anna and noticed that almost every table seemed to be ordering the “ Zucchini Salad with 24 Month Vache Rosse Parmesan and Mint ” and thought we should do the same. The zucchini had been sliced really thinly and then rolled up in tubes before being dressed with a shallot vinaigrette and the grated parmesan. Such a simple dish but really packed full of flavour owing to the high quality of ingredients being used (the parmesan was incredible!) it also made me feel quite virtuous however momentarily! I will definitely order this again next time we eat at Appia


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