Cafe Hula Hula, Ramparts Road, Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

For our last lunch in Galle Fort we had hoped to eat at the “Nescafe Roti shop” however after searching fruitlessly for some time I eventually realized that the stall had closed and a quick internet search I came up with Café Hula Hula on Ramparts road.

A tiny hole in the wall style café, they specialize in Sri Lankan “Short Eats” or snacks such as samosas , patties and buns as well as having a list of more substantial main courses and a delicious cake selection.

We decided to share a vegetable Kotthu roti between us and a selection of the patties, puffs and spring rolls. I chose 2 fish patties which were made with pastry and filled with a lightly spiced fish and potato curry which reminded me a little of Bajan patties – maybe it’s got something to with them both being former colonies?

I also ordered a generous lime soda with salt – perfect for rehydrating in the scorching Sri Lankan heat, it was so limey that I was able to buy another soda to keep topping the drink up with until I had quenched my considerable thirst! I was too full to have dessert but G was pretty impressed with his upside down pineapple cake. It was a little dense (and possibly slightly undercooked?) but the caramelized pineapple on the top was just perfect and the more G ate, the more he enjoyed it which is always a good sign!

I liked how “local” café hula hula seemed compared to some of the fancier restaurants and cafes in Galle fort and would highly recommend it as a budget dining option in the fort, the pastries, short eats and cakes are made fresh daily so get there early to avoid missing out!

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