Dinner at Deco on 44, Galle Fort

As we arrived late we decided to have dinner at “Deco” the hotels all day dining restaurant, taking the opportunity to put our request in for a Traditional Sri Lankan breakfast the following morning too.

I was still fairly full from the afternoons eating adventures and so just decided to have the baked crab appetizer, G ordered the Kalu Pol black chicken and of course D decided to have the classic combo of curry and rice (a vegetarian version)

My crab had been cooked in a light cream sauce with slivers of leek and then grilled with a sprinkling of cheese to finish. I loved how the dish was still nice and light and the sweet white crab meat took centre stage as it should do.

D’s “Curry and Rice” was actually a mountain of rice with 4 different vegetarian curries and 2 “sambals”; dahl, roasted brinjal (aubergine) shredded spiced beetroot and a potato curry with a coconut and chilli sambal and one with coconut and “gotukula” or pennywort which was a new discovery for all of us – and a happy one at that.

G’s chicken was cooked with the Sri Lankan curry powder “Kalu Pol” which has more than 30 components and is roasted to give it that beautiful dark colour you can see in the pictures. We had been so eager to order that we forgot to ask for them to prepare it spicy but the multiple layers of flavor in the curry powder were more than enough to keep G happy.

We had been so impressed with the meal that we immediately booked in for a cookery lesson with the chef the next morning and so it was with heavy eyelids and happy belly’s that we headed to our rooms for a much needed night’s sleep.

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