Courageous Kitchen, Bangkok.

One of the things I love the most about Bangkok is the spontaneity and the fantastic opportunities it presents to you at any given moment.

After the most recent tweet up organized by Anna and Greg a few of us got chatting and made plans to visit a Pakistani restaurant for dinner to catch up at a later date. Then a message popped up on twitter from a mutual acquaintance asking us if we would like to have the good folks over at “Courageous Kitchen” cook for us instead?

Set up earlier this year by Dwight and Christy, Courageous Kitchen is an off shoot of “In Search of Sanuk” a volunteer led charity in Bangkok providing food, shelter and educational aid to victims of trauma and torture.

Through Courageous Kitchen they provide cooking classes for disadvantaged children between the ages of 6-15, teaching them about nutrition in a fun and informal setting, helping to rebuild their confidence and learn much needed skills at the same time.

Our chefs for the day were the delightful young girls you can see in my pictures at the end who had spent the day cooking with Chef Kannika from Taburete restaurant, preparing not only a delicious sponge trifle for us to have as a dessert but then assisting the lovely Pakistani asylum seekers who were in charge of the preparation of our Biryani feast.

Whilst we arrived too late for the aloo tikki (the perils of getting in a rush hour taxi on Sukhumvit – 55 minutes to travel 8.7km!) we were greeted at the door with a delicious mango and chili lassi and after a brief overview from Dwight about the work they doing with Courageous Kitchen, the serious matter of eating got underway.

A generous spread of fragrant chicken biryani, fresh chapatis, gently spiced vegetables or “subzi”, tomato chutney, raita, cucumber salad and chicken karahi had been laid out for us to help ourselves to and we spent a fun few hours chatting with friends old and new as well as the chefs. Dwight had also prepared a blueberry and bourbon iced tea (which slipped down rather too easily!) and we received a fantastic goodie bag from World foods to take away with us as well which was a nice touch and the 500 THB fee seemed more than reasonable for such a special and unique evening.

You can see details of upcoming dinners and learn how to get involved in supporting this great initiative here, via the hashtag #WFKids on Twitter or Instagram or on the website for In Search of Sanuk
*shows what I know – apparently our “lassi” was dosed with vodka! I did think it was the tastiest one I’d tried, now we know why!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Awh how lovely!
    I love that they’re encouraging children to get involved in the kitchen, and all for a good cause too.
    Looks delish!

    1. beirutibrit says:

      you would have loved it – one of those things that would have been right up your street xx

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