Rocket Coffee Bar, Sathorn Soi 12, Bangkok

Rocket  was initially recommended to me by my lovely friend Nianne on the strength of how good looking their staff were (!) but as the picture she posted of her brunch also looked great  I made plans to visit a few weekends ago with friends. Whilst we were initially waylaid by the delicious cocktails at Lady Brett, we eventually made our way into the beautifully sun lit room, the heady aromas of freshly roasted coffee beans giving us a tempting taster  as to what lay ahead.

The menu was on the whole much lighter than some of the richer dishes we had observed next door at Lady Brett. They make a point of using only organic, free range eggs from the hill tribe regions of Northern Thailand and whilst I was very tempted just to have simple boiled eggs and soldiers I eventually decided on the “Rye Beet Avo” instead. Country style rye bread slathered in a vivid magenta beetroot and ricotta spread & topped with slices of avocado, micro greens and crunchy pickled onion made for a dish bursting in flavour and freshness.

I was in heaven! Nic chose the “Wild Caught Fish Salad” which was with grilled mahi mahi the day we visited (this changes daily, depending on market availability in order to ensure both seasonality and quality) atop a salad of quinoa, fennel, radish, corn and preserved lemon.

Nics husband Fran had been looking at the “Uber eggs”  Potato confit with truffled eggs, wild mushrooms, ham and cheese but made a last minute switch to the “Toast Skagen” Local prawns in a horseradish dill mayo on white toast with a generous dollop of tobiko and freshly grated horseradish to finish. All of the dishes were notable for their simplicity but you could really see the quality of the ingredients and the flavour combinations were just spot on.

I stuck with the cocktails, a stunning electric green “Microjito” made with oodles of fresh Chiang Mai mint, rum, lime, sugar and sparkling water to top it off was a much lighter breakfast style cocktail than a bloody Mary say and also really refreshing! I also had a great Aperol Spritz before we decided to head back for more cocktails next door so another group could take our seat for brunch.

Before leaving we each had a coffee and shared a few of the home made pastries  to finish; a peanut banana butter cookie and a  blueberry sponge cake but the winner was without a shadow of a doubt the pineapple carrot muffin which was so soft and moist it fell apart at the slightest touch, I loved the combination of carrot and pineapple together too. Service was friendly and organized and we had a great brunch, a repeat visit or two is most definitely in order.

I would say that this is more one for the girls or a chilled out couples brunch/brunch with friends as opposed to a really boozy ones with the lads or someone with a huge appetite as part of Rockets  appeal, for me at least was the freshness and lightness of the dishes – don’t go expecting a greasy full English fry up!

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  1. The colours of the Rye Beet Avo are gorgeous!
    Love to see food as interesting on the eyes as it is on the palette!

    1. beirutibrit says:

      I know right?! Such beautiful colours and just so fresh and tasty!

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