Mr Jones’ Orphanage, Seenspace, Thonglor 13, Bangkok

Mr Jones’ Orphanage is a quirky (some might say sickly) sweet patisserie and café in Thonglors “Seenspace”. With  cuddly teddy bears scattered around the room for you to dine with and wooden rocking horses dangle from the ceiling, the whole feeling is very much child’s nursery and the menu is designed to match. I stopped in for a milkshake but it was the amazing looking selection of cakes that really caught my eye; from “Moms Home Baked Apple Pie” to the astonishing and downright sinful “Oreo Pizza” this is dessert heaven for those with a sweet tooth. This is very much one for the girls, gaggles of teens and mothers/daughters dotted the café when I visited, along with the one lone man who is clearly in the running for boyfriend of the month (or he should be!) Whilst it was pretty chilled out mid Sunday afternoon I can imagine that this would not be the case had I struggled out of bed earlier and I was thankful for the relative peace and quiet as I got my sugar fix for the month!  If you are the kind of girl that’s into Hello Kitty and all things “Kawaii” you will be absolutely entranced, if not I’d say its still worth a visit for all the delicious cakes on offer just be prepared for cuteness overload!

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