Maggie Choos, 320 Silom Road (Underneath Novotel Fenix Silom) Bangkok

Maggie Choos is the newest bar offering from the people behind Iron Fairies on Thonglor and as you might expect comes with a similarly imaginative back story. The premise is that famed Cabaret star Maggie Choo was forced to flee wartime Shanghai to the safety of Bangkok where she started a new life running a small noodle restaurant. One day she discovers that the noodle shop has a secret door leading to a mysterious underground bunker previously used by the British East India company and she decides to relaunch her Cabaret act to high acclaim….

It’s actually a very cool premise, the narrow stairwell next to the Novotel in Sathorn gives no clue as to what lies beneath and when I visited with friends one night recently the bar was positively jumping with a mix of well heeled locals and expats as well as a few lucky tourists who had clearly done their research on where to drink in Bangkok.

Attractive ladies in cheongsams with sharp black bobs flirt with guests from behind a fringe curtain on a platform above the bar as well as draping themselves seductively across one of the indoor swings. The music when we went was courtesy of French group Jul & Co, a great blend of electro soul and funk and the house DJ who played when their act finished played one of the more enjoyable sets I have experienced recently too.

Drinks service improved the further we moved from the bar (the downside to having pretty girls at the bar is that you have to fight your way through all the ogling men to get served) and whilst drinks are not cheap, they are not outrageously expensive either (beers are 180-250++, house spirits start from 240++ and bottles of wine start at 2000 THB). I chose cocktails from their “Governors Selection” which were 280++ such as the “Haymarket Hector” which was made with white rum, pomegranate molasses, mint, fresh lime and sparkling wine which was pretty decent.

Whilst Silom is a long way for me to go for drinks I will probably head back there when I have friends visiting from overseas as it would be a fun place to take them for a night out.

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  1. I love these types of bars! Even though it’s run by the same people i love that each bar has its own personality and decor. Very original and looks very fun!

    1. beirutibrit says:

      Yes it’s definitely unique!

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