Mikkeller Beer Bar, 26 Ekkamai Soi 10 Yaek 2, Bangkok.

Mikkeller Beer Bar http://www.mikkellerbangkok.com/ at 26 Ekkamai Soi 10 Yaek 2
opened just over two weeks ago and I was looking forward to visiting with friends last week. Mikkeller is a Danish brewery started just 8 years ago by a school teacher with a passion for beer which makes its rapid international success a notably impressive achievement. The bar is situated in a beautifully remodelled house and gardens and looks undeniably Scandinavian with its minimalist design and bleached wood interior which sets the scene nicely. They list 30 rotating tap beers on a blackboard above the bar, all of which are available in both small or large sizes as well as a further selection of bottles making it a great spot to sample a good selection of differing beers and tap into their expert knowledge on subject.

I was pretty thirsty when I arrived and with some beers topping 14%, I wanted to be sure to start off on something a bit lighter like an IPA and was recommended to try the Nelson Sauvin (6.9%). Hoppy and fruity without being sweet or too floral it seemed far lighter than 6.9% and was a refreshing start.

I was enjoying the IPA and decided to try another one afterwards, again on recommendation I went for the Alpha State NZ IPA (6.5%) which is not one of Mikkellers own beers, coming instead from a small recently founded brewery in London.

This one was slightly more floral to my mind and suitably refreshed, I decided I was ready for something a bit more “full on”. This came in the form of “George” Imperial Stout (11%) which was really quite something! Roasted, almost burnt coffee and molasses with a savoury, malty tone as well, it was quite unlike anything I have ever drunk before but would definitely try again – highly recommended!

We snacked on a couple of their platters with the lighter beers and once we were ready to have a slice of Marou chocolate tart we were advised to finally try the beer that had lured us there in the first place – Mikkellers infamous “Beer Geek Brunch Weasel” (10.9%). Made with Vietnamese cà phê Chồn (a type of civet coffee or kopi luwak) this is a beautiful chocolately stout, with rich coffee notes although much lighter to my palate than the “George” which I preferred.

I’m not entirely sure how last orders crept up on us so quickly but that they did and I decided to try one last beer before we left – a bottle this time To Øls “Ridiculously Close To Sanity” (6.9%). This was a West Coast IPA with an intense hoppy flavour (common to all IPAS as you might have noticed from my comments) and a zesty citrus tang, a nice refreshing note to end on.
Mikkeller Beer Bar is a really interesting spot to head to if you are into your beers or want to learn a bit more.

The staff humoured us all beautifully (I think we got brownie points based on the fact that we were interested and didn’t ask where the Singha was!) and it was a really fun night spent doing something a bit different with friends. We drank small beers so we could try a few more – most of them seemed to be around the 180 THB mark with my bottle rising to 260 which when you consider I actually paid 220 THB for a singha in a restaurant recently is insanely good value. As a final note I should point out that they do not charge tax and service on top of the advertised prices so if you do visit (which you should) please don’t forget to tip the team!

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  1. Whilst i don’t like beer myself i imagine this is the perfect place to take the boy!
    Sounds like you had a great time playing beer connoisseur!

    1. beirutibrit says:

      It was a really fun night and you’d definitely get girlfriend points for taking him!

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