wwa, Siam Square, Bangkok

In the past few weeks I noticed that there were lots of delicious looking photos creeping onto my twitter timeline and after a little investigation, found out that they were from wwa café in Siam square. Part boutique designer store, part café, the brains behind their menu is English pastry chef Davina Pickering and the menu includes mouthwatering sounding desserts such as “rosemary roasted figs with brioche cream toast and red wine sauce” and “passion fruit pannacotta with biscotti” in addition to a handful of savoury dishes as well.

I had seen a picture of their welsh rarebit on twitter and whilst I was almost tempted away from it by the sound of the “green pea and roasted garlic soup” ultimately I was glad I had not been swayed. Thick, country style bread was topped with a mixture of cheese and various condiments from mustard to cayenne pepper and Worcestershire sauce before being browned under the grill, real comfort food! At wwa they serve it with peppery rocket leaves and two homemade pickles – thyme pickled peaches and garlicky pickled peppers, both of which were really interesting and unusual additions to such a familiar dish.

When I lived in London and was heading home to see my parents, I would phone them from the neighboring town to let them know I was enroute and somehow my mum always managed to get a batch of fresh scones into the oven for my arrival! As a result of being spoilt rotten like this I never buy scones as I know they won’t be as good as mums although when I saw that the wwa version was served with real clotted cream and rhubarb and rosewater jam I made an exception. Trust me when I say that the scone was good. Really good infact! Fluffy and warmed gently so that the clotted cream began to melt ever so slightly, the tartness of the rhubarb jam was beautifully contrasted by the sweet, floral rosewater.

wwa is a lovely spot to escape the madness of Paragon or the ever worsening smell of the Chitlom/Siam “walking street”. I was lulled into a super chilled out state by their relaxing music and got quite a shock when I left and the cacophony of whistles started ringing in my ears once more. If Siam Sq isn’t your neck of the woods, you can also enjoy Davinas cooking at Storia Café on Thong Lor 8.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Harutai N. says:

    Thank you so much for coming, Hope to serve you again.

    1. beirutibrit says:

      Thanks! Will definitely be back

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