Sheepshank Public House, Phra Athit, Bangkok

Co-owned by Chef Joke from Seven Spoons, Sheepshank opened quietly back in December last year and has already managed to become a mainstay of the ever expanding Phra Athit riverside dining scene. Its name refers not to a menu item, but a type of knot in a nod to its former life as an old boat repair shop, something that remains clear from the restaurants industrial design. The menu is described as being “Modern American” and whilst I’m not entirely sure this sums it up adequately, all the clever flavour combinations that I enjoyed so much at Seven Spoons are very much in evidence here.

When we visited a few weeks ago it was still officially in its soft launch phase, but there is still plenty of choice on the enticing menu. For seafood items, I liked the sound of the “Sizzling Razor Clams with Pancetta and Fennel Butter” or “Slow Cooked Octopus with Creamed Corn Risotto” whilst meatier options included things like “Oxtail Tortellini with Brown Butter and Walnuts” and “Classic Meatballs with Caramelised Onions and Wild Berry Jam”.

Sadly the meatballs (an appetizer) had sold out when we were there and so we went straight for mains. I think Amy had the dish of the night. “Joe Sloane’s Organic Sausages with Mashed Blue Cheese Potatoes” came as a trio of ridiculously delicious, different sausages served atop rich, creamy mashed potatoes spiked with blue cheese and nicely presented in a cute little frying pan.

S went for the “Duck Confit with Capsicum, Apple and Brown Sugar Glaze” that he was similarly impressed with, the tender duck meat fell beautifully away from the bone whilst the brown sugar and the cooking juices made a delicious light sauce.

My choice was “Vegetable Tagine with Almond Chickpea Cous Cous” essentially lots of lovely, crunchy vegetables and black olives in a juicy tomato and cumin sauce with fluffy couscous. This is the kind of dish I used to cook for myself when I lived in the UK but I never managed to get the flavours spot on like this – even the okra tasted great! Appetisers and salads are priced between 200 and 340 THB with “One Plate Dishes” and mains from 280 THB for the Tagine up to 1150 for the Rack of Lamb although most of them are less than 500 THB.

I can’t remember how much my glass of wine cost but cocktails are 240-280THB and beers are all under 150 THB. The large windows stretch the length of the restaurant giving you a great view of the Chao Praya and it would be worth heading there in time to catch the sunset as I imagine it must be pretty spectacular.

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