Appia, Roman Family Recipes, Sukhumvit Soi 31, Bangkok

You may remember that I spent my first Sunday in Bangkok at the K Village Bangkok Farmers market where I fell in love with the AMAZING porchetta sandwich from Appia. On the strength of this, I decided it was high time to actually visit the restaurant itself one night earlier this month. As Bangkok is still in “shutdown” mode we took a risk in arriving without reservations and as the restaurant was packed, we had to take one of the outdoor tables as opposed to sitting in the main room. I was impressed (and initially a bit surprised) at how busy they were midweek to be honest, but after experiencing it for myself I can see why! Service was exceptionally friendly and the waiters were all very attentive to our needs which can be a rare thing here in Bangkok. Seeing that we were having difficulty in choosing which wine to order they brought us (unprompted) the 2 types of wine we had been mulling over to try before we bought a bottle which was a really nice touch and something I have not had happen in a restaurant (apart from Jaan) since leaving the UK.

The menu had so many delicious looking dishes on it that I was in a bit of a tizz as to what to order but luckily my friend was happy to share so we could try a few more dishes. We started with one of their specials – a whole, deep fried artichoke which had been fried until it blossomed open and the crispy leaves were falling off from around the heart. Extremely tasty and very satisfying! We also shared a small dish of lightly pickled vegetables which were still lovely and crunchy and they still managed to retain their intended flavour.

Did I mention the bread and butter? Chewy, yeasty ciabatta with the lightest butter (whipped?) speckled with fresh rosemary – wow, wow, WOW. The type of bread that you can’t just have one slice of no matter how hard you try! For our main course we had porchetta (an individual serving to share as opposed to a portion each) which was just as good as I remembered it to be and the “mezze maniche” pasta with aubergine, pinenuts and crumbly ricotta. Mezze maniche is a shorter, thicker sort of penne or rigatoni which holds onto the sauce inside their tubes meaning each mouthful gives you a real burst of flavour and you don’t end up with a surplus of sauce once the pasta is finished. The aubergine was beautiful and smokey too, just how I like it.

I hadn’t planned on having dessert but when the waitress recommended the tiramisu I knew I was going to have to try it! It was a very generous slice of tiramisu and quite a lot firmer than any I had tried before (I add a lot more alcohol when I make it!) which meant it wasn’t as sickly as you might expect. My friend tried a lemon “cappuccino” which was a rich take on trifle with layers of lemon curd, whipped cream and a lemon sponge and had her oohing and aahing quite happily! I had a really enjoyable meal at Appia, delicious food, great service and a really warm, friendly atmosphere. The perfect neighbourhood restaurant and one I would definitely return.

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