Baan Nadimos, Silom Soi 19, Bangkok

My search for good Lebanese food is pretty well documented here and overall I have been surprisingly pleased with the quality of the Middle Eastern food here in Bangkok as opposed to Singapore.  I had mentioned Al Ferdoss to an Egyptian colleague and his wife and we decided we would have dinner there one night earlier this month. Except I panicked. Neither of them smoke shisha which means that a big part of Al Ferdoss’ appeal would have been lost on them so instead I decided to take them to Baan Nadimos down on Silom Soi 19 as I had heard good things about the food there. The restaurant is located on a little side road/car park and has a nice terrace for eating and smoking shisha along with the rest of all their guests and we were lucky to get the last outdoors table available when we arrived.

My colleague took the lead with the menu which I was extremely grateful for as there were just too many things I wanted to try! It was amusing as the waiter actually tried to rein our order in telling us we had ordered a lot, but of course that is the whole point of Lebanese food and we stuck to our guns (so to speak) and within minutes dish after dish after dish was heading to our table! Hummus, vine leaves, pickles, labneh, tabbouleh, fattoush, kibbeh, falafel, soujok (a type of sausage) and a mixed grill thrown in for good measure – I was in food heaven!!

All of the dishes we tried were very, very good. Particular highlights would have to be the kibbeh which were as good as any I had in Lebanon and the lamb kofte which were also completely delicious but the real stand out was the soujok. Small chipolata sized sausages which are made from anything from coarse cut beef, pork or horse (I don’t want to know!) and spiced with sumac (a slightly citrusy Lebanese herb) cumin, salt, pepper and chilli. Nadimos serves them in a really rich, flavourful tomato sauce which was not a preparation I had tried before, I have only ever had them drizzled with debs el remen (pomegranate molasses) or cooked with fried eggs previously but this was far better than either of those.

My shisha was as good as you’d expect and as they even serve alcohol and we were able to enjoy this feast with a refreshing beer which was much appreciated. The only slight negative would have to be the coffee.

I ordered the Arabic coffee but it came to watery and thin with no foam on the top, I imagine they just have a big pot of it on the stove and don’t make it fresh each time which is a shame but with everything else being as outstanding as it was, I really wasn’t bothered at all!

I made the fatal mistake of paying for the taxi on the way over and as someone who has spent time in the middle east I should have realized that my colleague would sneakily (but very generously) settle the whole bill without my even realizing it! Not to fear, I will insist on doing so next time as this is one restaurant I will definitely go back to again and again and again. Sahtein!

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