Iron Fairies, Thonglor, Bangkok.

I had MORE friends visiting from Singapore last week and decided to take them to Iron Fairies in Thonglor for drinks. The initial plan had been to take them for a late dinner at soul food or opposite but we ended up having a late lunch and still weren’t particularly hungry at 11pm so we went directly to the bar figuring we could grab a couple of bar snacks later if the mood took us.

Iron fairies is set in a converted shophouse that has been designed to look as if it were an old abandoned iron foundry. Mini bottles of multicoloured fairy dust line the shelves and gothic gorgons and fairy statues are scattered around the ground floor completing the look. We settled into a comfy antique style sofa up on the third floor to catch up on all the gossip and enjoy the live band.

Whilst my friends stuck to Hendricks and tonic, I tried a few of their cocktails from the “Fairy Dust Martini” made with Vodka, Absinthe, Clove, Honey and Egg to the “Jasmine White Fairy” with Gin, Grand Marnier, Lemon, Jasmine and Egg White with a sprinkling of Jasmine Flowers before finishing with their “Mye Tye” which uses Pampero and 10 Cane Rums, Curacao, Orgeat and Lime.

All of the drinks were very well made and I liked that the list was very varied, I was especially happy that I managed not to get carried away and slam back the Absinthe! As the night went on we did end up ordering a few bar snacks, sharing some wedges, fried chicken and bruschetta which whilst fine didn’t live up to the standard of the cocktails.

Iron fairies is a fun little spot, a bit out of the ordinary with great drinks to match the interesting setting and my friends loved it. I would really recommend you visit Iron fairies if you are entertaining friends from out of town as its pretty unique and I would definitely go back.

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  1. I took my friends here a couple of weeks ago and they loved it.

    1. beirutibrit says:

      It’s a fun spot isn’t it! Thanks for commenting!

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