Pala Pizza Romana, Asok, Bangkok

I was craving pizza and a Google search for “best pizza in Bangkok” led me to “Pala Pizza Romana” in Asok, a small hole in the wall pizza place specializing in “Pizza al taglio” or pizza by the slice. Located right by the entrance leading from the BTS to the MRT, I would have barely noticed the place had I not been looking for it, but the small 20-30 seater restaurant was packed at 9pm midweek (and again when I visited after 10pm another night too) I grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered an Aperol Spritz while I checked out the pizza available.

Whilst I like Pizza I am certainly not an expert like my friend D (check out her multiple pizza posts on Rome here and with this in mind I did as she would have done and started with a slice of the Pizza Margherita. Whilst it’s not the most photogenic of pizza slices, you can just about see how good the base was, the tomato sauce was lovely and sweet and whilst it is definitely not there with my personal best ever pizzas, it was certainly better than I was expecting.

Still thinking of D I followed this with a slice of “Ortolana” pizza topped with mozzarella, tomato, courgette and potato which was absolutely delicious and a salad of chargrilled vegetables (carrots, aubergine and courgette) which came still slightly crunchy and with a drizzle of sweet balsamic over the top – very tasty indeed!

On my return visit, I tried the “Suppli” as they had been sold out the first time I visited – a large rice “croquette” mixed with tomato, stuffed with cheese and then fried which was good (although it could have been a touch hotter)and helped fill time before the pizza arrived. I had asked for a slice of whatever was freshest out of the oven which happened to be Pizza Boscaiola with mozzarella, tomato, sausage and mushroom. Whilst this definitely would not have been my first choice I enjoyed the herby sausage and mushroom topping very much and having it piping hot from the oven definitely makes a difference.

Pizza slices start at 60 baht and go up to 95 and the salad was 150 baht, wines were between 140 for the spritz and 250 for the Italian ones I selected. All in all I liked Pala Pizza. It has a bustling atmosphere and seemed to have a great deal of regular guests as well as passing trade from tourists and locals and I enjoyed having the pizza by the slice as you can try a few different types as opposed to just one.

I imagine it would be great fun to order the large pizza by metre(around 1000 baht) with a group of friends and enjoy a bottle or two of wine whilst its prepared – you can also get pizza to take away and delivery via foodpanda .

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