Coffee Club, Ratchadamri, Bangkok

I had to go to the Hansar Hotel in Ratchadamri to collect my ticket for tonights charity dinner for the Philippines and realised that with it pushing 4pm I still hadn’t had anything to eat for lunch. As I was walking back to the BTS I noticed a sign for Coffee Club and figured it would be as good a place to eat as any and so made a quick diversion to the little café next to the Ananatra serviced suites. The menu is a mix of western and Thai offering everything from all day breakfasts to noodle dishes and steak but I decided to play it safe and ordered the vegetarian eggs benedict (with spinach and mushrooms instead of ham) as they seemed to specialise in brunch dishes.

I was actually pleasantly surprised with the eggs, you can see from the picture how well they were done – this was the second egg so you have to imagine that the first one was even runnier. I have had so many poor eggs benedict that I haven’t ordered them in ages which is possibly why I enjoyed this so much, sadly the coffee was not great but with a glass of wine at only 170 baht this more than made up for it.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not the sort of place you would make a big effort to visit however if you were in need of a good brunch and nearby then it would be worth having a look at. I gather there are actually plenty of restaurants near Ratchadamri BTS – anyone have a recommendation to make for next time?

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