Din Tai Fung, Central World, Bangkok

Din tai fung was one of my favourite places to eat in Singapore. Not only is the food delicious (the XLB are TO DIE FOR!) but it is good value, offers quick and generally efficient service and is extremely consistent. The last time I went to DTF in Bangkok It was during my extremely poor attempt at Gin Je and I ate vegan food only and so I decided this past week I should head back to see if my favourite dishes were as good here as they were in Singapore.

The DTF at Central world certainly looks no different to the ones in Singapore and there are no surprises on the menu. There are a few different things I like to order in DTF depending on my mood but my default order tends to be 6 of the crab and pork XLB, a chilli crab and pork bun and the spinach and sesame (which they stopped serving in the Raffles City DTF years ago much to my disappointment)

The spinach is great, the sesame gives a surprising amount of flavor to what is essentially a simple dish and it is nicely portioned for one unlike the other vegetable dishes. I have to be controversial here but I think the XLB were better than in Singapore – they appeared to have more broth inside them and as a result they seemed more succulent.

I also thought the bun was slightly more flavourful too – maybe it was just that I haven’t eaten there for a longer period of time than usual but it was a delicious meal and at just under $30 sgd the same price as I paid in Singapore (with drinks included)

DTF is one of those brands that would do well literally anywhere – London is crying out for something like this and the queues would be insane! I shudder to think of the expense of setting up a franchise for them – so much money must be spent on training and getting everything just to spec but it really shows.

They are even used as a model in restaurant revenue management – I am not sure if you have ever noticed how quickly tables are bussed and relaid – the little containers for your bags mean waiters down have to slow down by navigating bags on the floor or lose seats to people who can’t put their precious bag on the floor (something I still don’t get)

Here they also have special promotions for the quieter afternoon periods with delicious prawn and pork gyoza available only between 3-5pm and other such promos to entice you in during “cold” business periods which as someone who works in the industry I find fascinating! Anyway – back to the important stuff, if you haven’t tried DTF then you need your head reading, check it out NOW!!!

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