Koko Drip Coffee, Chatuchak (JJ) Market, Bangkok

I have friends visiting from Singapore again – Yay!! Even better, my boss agreed I could take Saturday off to spend time with them and so we decided to make an early start to the day and headed off to Chatuchak (JJ) market. P was in desperate need of coffee and as I remembered spotting a cute little coffee bar inside the art section (area 7) we made that our first port of call.

Koko is a tiny little stall that sells drip coffee (where you pour hot water directly over roasted coffee grounds and let it drip through a filter into your cup) made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. They use local Thai coffee which is grown in Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand and roasted in-house.

We all decided to have the hot version of the drip coffee as opposed to iced and were fortunate in that we grabbed the last 2 spots at the counter as a group of very excitable young guys were on the other side of the bar almost filling the tiny coffee shop completely.

The coffee is very mellow, not too bitter or sharp and it was a very pleasant cuppa, well worth checking out if you are visiting JJ. They sell these cute little disposable drip coffee filters – like an open teabag that you can hang over your cup to make a quick and easy coffee at home as well as mugs and the like and I have bought a couple to have at home as I really liked the coffee and thought it was a fun idea!

The lady who was serving us also gave us some of the Thai tea to try which was a first for me although I have tried Thai tea ice cream at Opposite Mess Hall which was delicious! It is made from pure Ceylon tea and mixed spices and is brewed quite strong giving it a beautiful coppery appearance. The tea can be drunk either neat like this or with condensed or evaporated milk or sometimes even coconut milk and is a popular street side drink whether hot or iced.

The coffee is 60 baht and they sell the coffee bags at 25 baht each or in gift boxes or bags from 110 -225 baht and would make a lovely present for the coffee connoisseur in your life.

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