Hong Kong Noodles, Chinatown, Bangkok

I decided I was due a return visit to Chinatown and so headed off there to explore a bit more on a recent day off. I made my way up Yarowat road and managed to wander down this tiny little alley way with an amazing array of market stalls selling all kinds of pickled and preserved vegetables, tea, pork rinds, dried fish and the like before eventually stumbling across Hong Kong Noodles where I decided to stop for lunch. When I visited Hong Kong last year I managed to track down some extremely good wanton noodle soup (eating 3 bowls in less than 24 hours from 3 Michelin starred Lung King Heen to Tsim Chai Kee on Wellington street as well as on a visit out to Stanley Market) and so I was looking forward to seeing what was in store for me here.

They have a full menu in English (thankfully!) and specialise in Dim sum and various noodle dishes with roast meats and wantons. By the time I got there at around 1:30pm, several of the dim sum had already sold out (which was a good thing as it turned out as the noodle soup was more than enough for me) as had the noodle soup with crab and pork which I also had my eye on.

In the end I went for plain wanton noodle soup and a refreshing lemongrass drink which took no longer than a few minutes to prepare and I was soon happily polishing off my bowl and making my way back through the market to walk off lunch!

The noodles and the broth were very good indeed, the wantons were the perfect size but the filling was very compact – more sausagey than anything else but still very good and at 40 baht (and a further 20 for my drink) this was a great value, filling and extremely tasty lunch. I will post up some more pictures of the market later in the week as it is a fun corner of Chinatown to explore.

The roast meats and the dim sum also looked very good – it is extremely cramped inside and I shared a tiny table with a couple of other people allowing me to get a decent look at a few dishes. I still need to head back to Chinatown at night to explore the street food options as I haven’t done that yet but this was a great introduction to Chinatown dining for me.

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  1. I need to get better at exploring the Chinatown food scene – street food there is supposed to be amazing.

    1. beirutibrit says:

      We should head there one night next month? A street food fest would be fun!

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      1. Yes!! I am totally up for that!

      2. beirutibrit says:


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