Snapper, Soi 11, Bangkok

Another restaurant I visited with my parents when they came to Bangkok was Snapper Several weeks in Cambodia and Thailand had seen them have their fill of Thai food for a while and the idea of some simple fish and chips was pretty appealing all round. Snapper is a Kiwi restaurant on Soi 11 specializing in fresh New Zealand seafood as you might have gathered from the name. The menu offers many different preparations of seafood – appetizers include home smoked Tasmanian Salmon, Bluff oysters (natural, fried or “Kirkpatrick”) Green Lipped Mussels and the interesting sounding Paua (Abalone) Ravioli amongst others.

Filleted fish is available pan fried, battered or bread crumbed and there are plenty of other options for the none fish eater such as burgers, salads and of course New Zealand lamb and beef. I haven’t eaten fish and chips (or “Fush and Chups” as I suppose I should call it here) in years and so it was an easy decision for me. Silver Trumpeter, Southern Hake, Southern King Fish and Tarahiki were listed alongside the more familiar Red Gurnard and I tweeted kiwi friends for advice as to which of the local fish I should try as I was unfamiliar with many of the fish on offer.

Their recommendation was Tarahiki, described as “A tasty & tender white fish, an in-shore deep reef fish & a top pick among NZ fishermen” that I went for along with some Chips, a salad and of course, some mushy peas all of which we shared amongst the 3 of us. I really enjoyed the Tarahiki, it was a little stronger tasting than the hake and kingfish that my parents ordered, almost bringing mackerel to mind but all the fish was flawless, perfectly cooked and a real treat for me.

Unsurprisingly they also have a great selection of NZ wines to choose from with the majority of the list being dominated by Sauvignon Blanc. Whilst I am a huge fan of this, my mother finds it too acidic and we opted for a very pleasant bottle of chardonnay instead at around 1600 baht a bottle which was perfect with the fish we had chosen. Another great spot to check out for delicious food on Soi 11!

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