La Monita Taqueria and El Osito Tapas Bar, Ploenchit, Bangkok

La Monita Taqueria and El Osito are both sister-restaurants and next door neighbours just by Ploenchit BTS. I have visited La Monita a few times for cocktails and in the middle of rather a stressful week I decided that the only thing that could rescue me was some good Mexican food (naturally) so decided it was time I ate there.

The menu has a good selection of breakfast items as well as burritos, quesadillas and the like but what I really wanted was a good taco. As I had tried a double double taco at Charley Browns Mexicana (a hard taco shell with a layer of refried beans and then a soft taco surrounding it) I thought that In order to properly judge the two restaurants I should try the same thing at la Monita as well.

The Pastor (slow roasted pork) filling was very generous indeed and it was a complete nightmare (albeit a delicious one) to try and eat it in a polite manner! With a Golden Margarita (referring to the type of tequila used) my bill came to under 500 baht which is not bad at all and I have to say I enjoyed it very much so a repeat visit seems more than likely!

Neighboring El Osito is a day time deli and sandwich shop which by night turns into a bar offing a selection of tapas, pintxos and salads, perfect little snacks to enjoy with a glass of wine or two. I had liked the look of it when I was at la Monita previously and one night decided to give it a shot as opposed to heading next door as I usually do.

I ordered some chorizo croquetas to start as this a real mustard test for any tapas bar in my opinion which I paired with a Beer Lao. The croquetas I must say were a huge success, very authentic (although no where near comparable to the deliciousness of the ones at Opposite Bangkok) and I soon followed them up with some bravas potatoes and a glass of white wine. The bravas were good, I mean it’s hard to go wrong with fried potatoes anyway but I would return on the strength of the croqetas alone. It is a chilled out little spot and I may very well check it out during the day or for happy hour – the pulled pork sandwich in particular sounded very appetizing indeed!

Both restaurants are very low key and chilled out and I have actually sat outside the front with a group ordering from both La Monita and El Osito which was a fun thing to do and certainly keeps everyone happy. The staff are a generally smiling and helpful bunch too which is always a bonus in my book and I am glad to have them both so nearby.

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