Cheap Charlies, Soi 11, Bangkok

A handful of bar stools and tables line the road with only a chain marking where “bar” ends and soi begins sounds an unlikely Bangkok hotspot, yet that is exactly what Cheap Charlies has become for many expats old and new. Located on the corner of Soi 11 the ramshackle wooden bar decorated with skulls heads, bank notes, comical signs and even a fully operational toy train set can hardly fail to catch your attention as you walk by.

The Eponymous Charlie opened the bar some 30 years ago and whilst Bangkok may be developing at an often astounding rate, on this little corner it’s safe to say little has changed.

At just 70 baht a drink it is not hard to understand its popularity, whether bottled beer (Singha, Leo, Tiger, Heineken and san Miguel – Chang is only 60baht) local whisky or scotch, vodka soda or G&T.

This is definitely not the place to try and order a mojito or anything fancier than a bourbon and coke but the service is fast and friendly and the atmosphere convivial – it almost brings to my mind a Thai version of Cheers!

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