Wine Fairies at Parkview Plaza (The Batman Building) Singapore

I had long heard whispers of the existence of “wine fairies” and even managed to get a glimpse of them in my friends post here but as we all know, seeing is believing (especially when it comes to fairies…) and so we decided that my last night in Singapore should start off with drinks at Divine wine bar just off Arab St.

For those of you unfamiliar with “Parkview plaza” if I told you it was the Gotham City styled building just cross from Raffles Hospital it may be more familiar? Ahhhh the Batman building you cry -and you would be right for this is how most people I have met seem to know it as (and for good reason!) Initially said to have been built as a hotel, apparently the onset of SARS put and end to those plans and it was instead converted into offices, with an extremely fancy reception area and wine bar to boot. Whilst they offer a selection of (fairly uninspiring) cocktails, beers and soft drinks it is the wine that you should really go for when you are there and that is exactly what we chose.

The wine fridges stretch from floor to ceiling and upon ordering a bottle of wine, a lovely fairy dressed in a sparkly silver sequinned outfit appears and flies up to get it for you! We were drinking a very acceptable New Zealand sauvignon blanc and as there were around 9 of us at one point, you can imagine how many flights our hard working little fairy had to take in order to quench our thirst! This was a really fun way to end my stay in Singapore and I must say a big THANK YOU to all my lovely friends for coming with me.

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  1. Michelle says:

    are you serious?? as in a real waitress dressed up as a fairy??

    1. beirutibrit says:

      You have to see it to believe it! Great fun!

      Sent from my iPhone

      1. Michelle says:

        really? ok i shd go check it out…

      2. beirutibrit says:

        It’s not the best bar in the world but for a bottle of wine it’s a fun experience!

        Sent from my iPhone

      3. Michelle says:

        ooh i just saw it on youtube… haha looks tacky but fun.

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