Dapper Coffee @ The Spiffy Dapper, Boat Quay, Singapore.

I have been hearing some great things about The Spiffy Dapper http://spiffydapper.com/about although sadly have yet to make it there for cocktails (and as I’m currently in Bangkok having moved last week it may be some time before I do get around to visiting!) However when I was making my way to meet a friend for lunch in the CBD recently I wandered past a sign for “Dapper Coffee” which sounds far better than Starb*&ks in my opinion and so I popped in to have a quick cuppa. I took the opportunity to look at the cocktail menu at the same time, I have attached images of the cocktails I was most intrigued by. I like the fact they have essentially got an espresso and an earl grey martini on the list but have twisted them ever so slightly, making them all the more fun in the process – Turkish black tea infused gin with cardamom and Turkish delight on the side sounds just heavenly! But I was there for the Dapper Coffee, and dapper was certainly what I got.

My flat white was not only beautifully presented but perfectly made too; the milk was the right temperature and it was smooth and velvety with a gentle caffeine kiss to wake me up and send me on my way.

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  1. Great party place for saturdays…and the ‘the pint’ cocktail is awesome!

    1. beirutibrit says:

      Looks like a fun place to drink! Glad you had fun!

      Sent from my iPhone

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