Maison Ikoko, Kandahar Street (Arab Quarter) Singapore.

Maison Ikoko is another one of the new wave of “Bespoke” cocktail bars that seem to be quite popular in Singapore (Bar stories etc) Instead of having a menu for you to look at, you tell the bartender what spirit you want and what sort of drink and they create something for you to enjoy. Recent visits have seen me sample everything from a blackberry infused whisky sour (with Yamazaki) to a whisky & Gran Classico riff on a negroni. Other highlights included a gin infused with tea and served with Manuka honey as well as an excellent aviation. The smoking terrace overlooks the mosque and its certainly a picturesque place to enjoy a cocktail or two.

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  1. Victoria says:

    Love Maison Ikoko for coffee but haven’t tried the cocktails yet, they look yummmm

    1. beirutibrit says:

      Thanks for commenting! I think the cocktails are very good – just make sure you guide them on style/spirt or you can get something a bit uninspiring! Well worth a visit!

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      1. Victoria says:

        funny you say that, I prefer a menu tbh, I’m not that great with what spirits work well together. Although I do like it when you just say ‘gin’ and they come up with something wonderful!

      2. beirutibrit says:

        Yes to be honest I far prefer ordering from a menu but maison ikoko is fun when you fancy something a bit different.

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