Suprette, Kam Leng Hotel, 383 Jalan Besar

American inspired restaurant Suprette opened in the lobby of the Kam Leng Hotel earlier this year and has fast been gaining popularity for its casual approach to all day dining. Whether you visit at breakfast (7am-2:30) for Eggs Shakshouka, Spiced French Toast or Corn Fritters; lunch for a Club Sandwich, Chicken Pot Pie or a Spinach & Poached Egg Salad (11am-2:30) or at dinner (6pm-10:30) for Hanger Steak & Marrow, Lamb Rack with Feta or Spaghetti with a spicy seafood sauce, their compact but appetising menu seems to have something for everyone. I tend to stick with their Veggie Burger, a juicy, grilled Portobello mushroom topped with sweet pumpkin mash, thinly sliced courgettes, roasted pepper and sometimes even a couple of chargrilled asparagus spears – it never fails to satisfy. Of course it’s made slightly less virtuous by the huge portion of skinny fries that accompany it but all the better for it (I would add that the chef seems to have a heavy hand with the salt so unless you are an addict like me you might want to ask for them without any and then add your own…) You can also stop by for one of their good value coffee & cake deals in the afternoon or a chilled glass of wine or a cocktail from their small but well thought out cocktail list making Suprette a welcome addition to Jalan Besar and an enjoyable little lunch spot.

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  1. singfoodie says:

    This sounds like a good one, might even try this weekend since I’m home for a change! How is the ambience given it’s in a hotel lobby?

    1. beirutibrit says:

      Thanks for commenting! It’s so small that it doesn’t take much to get a little atmosphere and the lobby is a very small but open space too – it’s a cute little spot to head to and try coffee at CSHH afterwards!

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