Miss Wong Cocktail Bar, Siem Reap

One of the bars that we had been recommended to try was Miss Wong’s cocktail bar http://www.misswong.net/ located down a quiet alleyway not far from the hustle and bustle of “Pub Street” where much of Siem Reaps night life is based and so decided to head there for a pre dinner drink before our dinner at Marum. The ruby red Chinese lanterns hanging outside the door are hard to miss and once inside you are ushered back to decadent pre war Shanghai, and I half expected to see some glamorous Wallis Simpson-esque character sidle up at the bar for a night on the town! Cocktails are priced from $4-$5 and include everything from Mojitos and Cosmopolitans to more contemporary cocktails (many made with their home infused liquors) such as the “China White” made from Jasmine tea syrup, lychee, gin and Cinzano.

I chose the “Indochine Martini” made with vodka, their special ginger cognac liqueur and a splash of pineapple juice which could have benefitted from a little vanilla or sugar syrup perhaps but was otherwise very decent and at $4.50 I certainly wasn’t going to complain! Other cocktails sampled included the very good “Miss Wong Punch” with white and dark rums and mixed fruit juices (be careful it packs quite a punch!) and the truly delicious “Mocha Martini” which is a spin on the espresso martini using vanilla vodka and chocolate sauce as a garnish – so good!! The infused gin and tonics are also well worth trying, especially the “Sitting Buddha” which is my favourite.

The small bar snack menu looked delicious; dim sum, BBQ’d pork sliders etc and had I been staying in Siem Reap for longer I certainly would have headed back for more cocktails and a bite to eat as it was a very cool little place.

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