Ochin Tapas, Petain Road (Serangoon Rd End) Singapore

One of the ground floor buildings by my apartment has been empty since I moved in almost 2 years ago and so I was interested to know what was going on when I saw a recent flurry of activity and signs that someone was finally taking over the space. You can imagine how happy I was to see that it is now in fact a restaurant, a Tapas one at that, by the name of OCHIN. The interior is painted a rich, deep red and they have funky red light fixtures which gave the small room a welcoming glow.

The menu is split into 4 sections, “Chilled Morsels” for $6 including dishes like Ceviche of Prawns with a Ratatouille of Fresh Fruit and Veggies with a Vodka Infused Yoghurt Dip. The next section is entitled “Warm Portions” $6 and includes Lamb Kofta, Grilled Herb marinated Lamb with “a Pinch of Fire” and Salsa of Mint and Ginger; “Vegetarian Bites” with dishes like Spinach Corn Fritter – Pan Fried Herb Infused Corn Fritter with sautéed Baby Spinach and Spicy Eggplant Dip; and finally a small selection of mains at $12 each which includes Muskel Mussels, ½ Dozen Mussels topped with Parmesan and Grilled.

I had wanted to try the Corn Fritters but they had sold out so I asked the waitress what she would recommend instead and received a very nice “Broccoli Bundle” which was Broccoli and Shimiji Mushrooms with Emmental coated in a light batter and fried which was good and something I would not have ordered without her recommendation. I also chose some Couscous Croquettes which had been infused with Olives and Leeks which were much lighter than I was excepting and some Kofta (of course!)

The Kofta were the real stand out, the Lamb was perfectly seasoned and cooked with a subtle crunch from the onions inside, this was a great dish and I would order a couple of portions in future as a main course! They have a very decently priced wine list with a house red (Domaine de Cousserges, Vieilles Vignes Languedoc, France 2010) and white (Windowrie Vedehlo, Cowra Australia 2011) available by the glass for $8 and bottles from $49-$59 including wines from France, New Zealand and South Africa which seems incredibly good value to me.

This is the kind of local I had hoped the French Stall https://beirutibrit.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/tfs-bistro-the-french-stall-serangoon-road-singapore/ would be and I am sure once word gets out they will do very well indeed.

It is definitely not a “destination” restaurant but if you fancy a snack and a decent glass of wine before/after hitting City Square Mall or the Golden Village Cinema then you should definitely check it out, there is a very good chance I will be there if you do! They are open in the evenings only from around 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

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