OverDoughs, Sculpture Square (Off Middle Road) Singapore

Whilst I visit some of my favourite restaurants repeatedly, I generally don’t reblog them as I eat at some of them so often it would get pretty repetitive for anyone reading. Artichoke is one of those cases in point; I have been there maybe a dozen times in the past two years and have never been disappointed.

Well apart from the time I forgot they are closed on a Monday and turned up there looking forward to dinner… Oh and the time I forgot they were closed at lunch every day apart from Sundays but you know what I mean!

So this post is not going to be about the outstanding brunch I had there recently with my lovely friends who blog here http://www.expatadventuresinsingapore.com/?m=1 And K occasionally takes over the reins from his better half P at http://pamexpatlife.blogspot.sg/?m=1 Whilst D didn’t join us she is fast approaching my Artichoke record so I will post a link to her blog too. http://www.mylifeinsin.com/2013/07/singleton-dinner-at-artichoke.html?m=1

No, this post is not about Artichoke, it’s about OverDoughs their small bakery located right next door, which opened about a year and a half ago if I remember rightly and I have yet to write about. When we got to Artichoke we had to queue for a table (Sundays Brunches are very busy) and so I had plenty of time to admire all their delicious, unique homemade desserts.

I mean who could seriously look at the “Frankenstein Brownie” made with “Marshmallow and whatever we find in the kitchen!” and not NEED to order one to see what genius created this monster (yes, yes I know Frankenstein was the mad doctor and not the monster but give me some artistic license here please!)

Not your cup of tea, how about some “Carrot Cake Knefe”? Yes, you read that right. How do you improve on one of my favourite Lebanese sweets? Why you wedge a layer of deliciously spiced carrot cake inside it instead of the cheese…. Wow! I mean really! Where do they come up with these ideas?

I assume that it would be down to their brilliant Chef-Owner Bjorn who I have been lucky enough to chat with most times I have dined there, he seems to be on a never ending search for new ideas and recipes – check out the current competition of the Artichoke face book page where they are asking for 3 random ingredients that he will turn into a brunch dish to go on their menu!

But enough of that, back to the cakes…. Lemon Meringue Pie you say? Nothing that boring here, but they do have the wonderful sounding “Lime and Aloe Vera Meringue Tart with Lime Curd, Cornflake Crust, Aloe Chunks and Orange Blossom Meringue” or what about the “Oreo Cheesecake Block with Oreo chunks, Salted Caramel, Pretzels and Cookie Dough” …

Unlike Artichoke, Overdoughs is open during the day (apart from Mondays when they get some much needed rest!) and you can enjoy coffee and cake (and more substantial dishes like pies and shawarma although these change frequently as well as the cakes and tarts) there between 10am and 6pm Tuesday to Saturday and 10am until 4pm on Sudays. Whether you sit and relax at one of the courtyard tables, buy something to take home or eat at Artichoke and get dessert from OverDoughs as we did, you will not be disappointed – If you haven’t been there already GO NOW!!!!!


I know I said this wasn’t a post on Artichoke (who am I kidding?!) but I have added in some pictures of what I ate this time and on my last couple of visits too as the menu has a lot of lovely dishes I didn’t get to mention in my original post.

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