Ku de Ta, Seminyak, Bali

Ku de Ta (not related to the bar/restaurant of the same name in singapore) was another beach bar that came highly recommended to us and so when we happened across it while walking on the beach we thought it only fair to stop and have one last cocktail! It would be unfair to compare it to Potato Head (they don’t have a pool for a start) but the open plan restaurant and bar is certainly a great place to sit and watch the waves (not to mention the surfers!) and they were doing a pretty decent breakfast trade (mmm… brunch sounds better if I tell you we were drinking cocktails right?!)

We literally only had 30 minutes to spare and so after a very quick drink, we bid the beach goodbye and went home to get our bags ready and wait for our driver to come and take us to the airport. Bali is much more of a party place than I was expecting, and we certainly made the most of our time there – it’s quite something thinking it is so close geographically speaking to Singapore yet so far away in terms of literally everything else!

A great and much needed few days of R&R, I was sorry to leave as there was so much more exploring to be done but am sure I’ll be able to plan another visit before too long!

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