Anomali Coffee, Seminyak, Bali

Both myself and my friend A had spotted Anomali as we had walked through the town the day before and thought it would be nice to have our last breakfast in Bali there.

They offered several different types of coffee available from Drip to French press, all from local growers and roasted and ground at the café itself. I however needed something a bit stronger and so ordered a double espresso with a splash of hot milk which gave me a much needed kick start to my day!

The menu seems quite Aussie in style and has everything you might want to enjoy for breakfast from Pancakes with Honeycomb Butter, Banana and Cherry Compote to Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict and my breakfast choice of Veggie Frittata which came garnished with a little Salad and a couple of slices of Fresh Fruit.

My friends were both very happy with their choices (especially the Pancakes – the crunchy honeycomb in the butter was just delicious!) and we had a good time chilling out before we decided to have one last wander along the beach on our way back to the villa and onto the airport.

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