Cocktails in Khaima and Ginger Moon, Seminyak, Bali

My friend had not been feeling too well and so when we returned from the Rock Bar she decided to head back to the villa with our other friend for a good night’s sleep. I, on the other hand was keen to wander around and explore a bit more as it was our last night and I wanted to make the most of my holiday! I really loved the arty vibe to Bali, I actually bought a some paintings (still unpacked) from a couple of art shops I wandered past on my last night. From here I made my way down to Khaima, a Middle Eastern inspired cocktail lounge and restaurant (I only noticed that they served shisha as I was leaving!) and had a cocktail before moving next door to Ginger Moon restaurant.

I wasn’t actually all that hungry and so ordered 1 of the light bites from their menu figuring this would be enough to see me through. The “Perkadel Jagung” were described as Corn Fritters although they were much more solid (although still very tasty) than the description suggests and came topped with Avocado, Chilli and Sour Cream. They were just enough to nibble on with my Ginger Mojito to keep the hunger pangs at bay, although the menu did look very nice indeed and I would definitely have gone back to eat a full meal there had we been staying for longer.

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