The Rock Bar, Ayana Hotel & Resort, Bali

We experienced some fairly over cast (apparently unseasonal) weather while we were in Bali which was playing havoc with our plans to enjoy the sunset at the Rock Bar in the south of Bali. Located in the luxurious Ayana Resort, the Rock bar is a short funicular ride down a jagged cliff into which the bar itself has been built. We were told we would need to queue and so were determined to allow plenty of time to both get there and queue in order to get a good spot to watch the sunset, arriving at the resort shortly before 5pm (it is about a 30-40 minute drive from Seminyak, depending on traffic)

We made our way through the stunning resort and waited for around 20 minutes before it was our turn to enter the bar via the funicular, admiring the beautiful views while we waited. The cocktail list whilst pretty extensive is not anything particularly impressive – it’s a bit “hotel bar” if that makes sense but the drinks we did order were all fine, if just not particularly exciting.

It is definitely a lovely spot to have a drink and watch the sunset, although sadly for us the rainclouds came in and we didn’t get to see much of one, the views are so stunning though it didn’t matter one bit. It is quite a pricy experience, the cocktails were over $20 each which whilst not bad for Singapore or elsewhere, for Bali is about as expensive as it gets (even the drinks at Potato head were cheaper)

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