Sarong Restaurant, Bali

Sarong was one of the restaurant recommended to me by the lovely Jo – and so I made reservations for dinner there on our first night in Bali. They were previously named one of the top 5 Asian restaurants at the Singapore World Gourmet Summit in 2011 as well as winning praise from the Miele guide and so we were looking forward to eating there very much. They describe the restaurant on their website thus “Sarong is an evolving brand that brings cultures together through cuisine – we call it a special kind of “Cuisine Culture.” Our chef Will Meyrick, travels into far flung Asian regions seeking out street food styles to bring back to the restaurant, inevitably he meets talented characters who share his passion along the way. Recipes are brought back, dissected, developed and refined using quality ingredients by the team of Chefs in the Sarong kitchen, before being presented to our guests.”

The restaurant itself is extremely glamorous and sophisticated, large chandeliers hang from the ceiling and you are seated on plush sofas either near the bar or in the garden where you can also dine (assuming you don’t mind the mosquitos!)

We started with cocktails, a Sarong Negroni with Gin, Campari & Pink Grapefruit Tonics which was a refreshing take on a classic and slipped down pretty quickly! We ordered a few dishes to share amongst us, first to arrive was a Tuna Tartar with Ginger, Avocado, Coriander, Sesame Seeds and a Chili Vinegar Dressing which was beautifully fresh and we polished it off in no time at all! We then shared Spring Chicken which had been Grilled over Coconut Husks and served with a Soy-Honey Glaze and a Cucumber & Asian Celery Salad in Nam Jihm Jauw Dressing (quite a mouthful!!) which I didn’t try but the others really enjoyed.

Next up, we shared Dahl Tadka (Yellow Lentils in Ghee with Cumin & Fresh Coriander) which was really outstanding, as was the Apple Eggplant Curry, more Thai in style than the Indian Dahl. Even the Rice was impressive, Fried with Egg, Asparagus, Shitake Mushrooms, Peas & Babycorn although the Naan was nothing special.

We finished with a Dessert Platter with Deep Fried Bananas & Coconut Ice cream, Black Sticky Rice with Lychees & Mango Ice Cream as well as several others (the cocktails were beginning to kick in by this point!) Sarong is definitely worth a visit if you are in Bali, the food is stunning and the location beautiful, another great meal! Excuse the poor photos – you know I don’t like the iphone flash for food photography at night – this is why…

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