Where to Eat at Terminal 1, Changi Airport, Singapore

As I have passed through Changi Terminal 1 a few times in the past week I thought I would post a quick piece on the places that I have enjoyed eating at there. As you might expect there are a few outlets serving fast food and coffee (Burger King/Starbucks) as well as a small sushi stand amongst others. On Wednesday I woke up with the intention of grabbing a quick kopi and toast before I got to the airport but I remembered that they have also have a local stall at the airport called “1983” where I have enjoyed breakfast before and so thought I would give that another shot. I didn’t actually end up choosing eggs and kaya toast, instead I chose a Nanyang dish called Lontong which is rice cakes served in a spicy vegetable gravy (not dissimilar to Laksa in my opinion) with cabbage, beans, tofu chunks and a hard boiled egg. They also sell Kaya toast, soft boiled eggs, Nasi lemak, Mee rebus and Mee siam as well as Kopi/Teh and all the usual soft drinks you might expect, and at $3.80 for the Lontong and I think $1 or $1.50 for the kopi, this is a great place to enjoy breakfast before boarding your flight.

My second visit to Terminal 1 was on Saturday, on my way to Bali for a cheeky weekend visit. We decided to start the holiday early and made our way to Harrys for a beer and then onto Bricco Café for breakfast. I chose a half baguette with cheese and ham for $6 (or $10 for the whole baguette) but if you are there late morning onwards they also have pizza, pasta and a couple of salads available. Again, this is a pretty good place to stop and have an espresso and croissant or sandwich before leaving the airport and I enjoyed the baguette ( they call it a Panini but as you can see from my pic below, it definitely is not!) Definitely far better than the inflight food options on the budget airlines I was travelling on (stick to a cold Asahi!)

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