Brewerkz, Robertson Point, Singapore

Another long overdue post is my last visit to Brewerkz, Singapores “oldest and largest” Microbrewery in Riverside Point which was founded in 1997 (not quite the sort of history British breweries can lay claim then!)
They offer around 20 beers on draught, all made at the microbrewery (which produces 2,500 hectoliters per year) as well as a large selection of bottled beers and ciders from around the world but if you are going to visit a brewery, well you have to actually try the beer they make don’t you?!

One of the many things I learned from my Father (and from the years I spent working behind bars, where I was responsible for cleaning out the beer pipes etc) is that you are best off drinking the beer they sell most of or the landlords favourite. This way the beer will be fresh and the keg/barrel will only have been opened for a short period of time as opposed to that really interesting sounding beer that no one ever actually orders and so could have been sat there, opened for a long period of time, losing its flavor and vitality.
Golden Ale, the India Pale Ale and the Pilsner make up over 75% of the beer they sell (I should add that I got these facts from the website – so I started with one of their Golden Ales (4.5%) perfect for drinking in the Singapore heat as it is light and refreshingly floral (I may drink a fair bit of beer but I still have feminine tastes where beer is concerned!) and followed that with a “Steam” beer as I am very fond of Anchor Steam, the famous beer from San Francisco and this is made in the same style. This is slightly more full bodied and stronger than the Golden Ale at 5% and whilst it is less floral it is still very refreshing on a hot afternoon.

If you can’ decide from all the beers on tap you can also try one of the beer “samplers” they offer – Four 90ml glasses of either the “Tried and True” including the IPA/Golden Ale/Pilsner and Oatmeal Stout or the “Design and Sampler” where you can pick any four beers of your choice.

Brewerkz offer 5 different price points for their beer, depending on which time you visit, a concept I had never seen before coming to Singapore (apart from standard Happy Hour pricing) Between 12-3pm a 500ml Golden Ale would cost you $6, 3-6pm it increases to $9, 6-8pm $12 before rising to $15 between 8-11pm and then back down to $12 from 11pm until closing time.

They also offer a lunch promotion where you can have ½ a sandwich, fries and 500ml beer for $18.50 so I decided to try the Hickory Smoked, Pulled Pork with Jalapenos, Coleslaw and BBQ Sauce with my Golden Ale. I have no idea how anyone could manage a full sandwich (priced usually at $25) as the ½ was plenty for me, the BBQ sauce made the pulled pork especially rich and even tastier than having it plain. My friend chose a Caesar salad and some fried Mozzarella sticks which actually seemed home made (whether they were or not I don’t know) and came with carrot sticks and a roasted pepper and tomato relish and was equally happy with her choices and the generous portions. The menu is HUGE with everything from Nachos, Quesadillas, Pizza, Pasta and Burgers – basically the kind of food you want to eat with Beer (so everything!)

If you want to avoid the crowds then I would recommend you try Brewerkz at lunch as the prices for both the beer and the food promos are great value, equally it is a great pace to meet for after work drinks and bar snacks whether on the bustling terrace or inside the cavernous bar and restaurant, amongst the brewing equipment.

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