Mezza9 Brunch, Hyatt, Singapore

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a rare Sunday off work and wanted to celebrate with a Sunday Brunch somewhere. Friends of mine (including were also in the mood for celebrating the end of an extremely tough few weeks at work which meant I had partners in crime for my Brunch, now it was just a matter of deciding where to go? We (well D!) looked at a few, but in the end we chose Mezza9 as they use Perrier Jouet Champagne as their pouring brand at brunch which was all I needed to know! Mezza9 is capable of seating 400 guests at any one time and as such, their buffet is extremely varied and spread out, it seemed as though each time one of us came back to the table we had discovered something new!

I made the Chinese Chef there laugh by eschewing the typical European start to brunch of Oysters, bypassing the queue that was forming and heading straight to the Dim Sum. They have a Chinese kitchen serving a small selection of Dim sum, very good siew mai, little crystal shrimp dumplings and mushrooms topped with shrimps as well as a wonderful selection of BBQ meats, home made noodles and a Stirfry section none of which I actually managed to make it back for, sadly.

After the Dim sum we moved on to a delicious platter of shellfish that was bought to the table for us (working in hospitality has its perks sometimes!) Sweet, beautifully fresh oysters that had actually been properly shucked (including loosening them from the shell which I haven’t seen anywhere else here in Singapore) as well as clams, lobster, crabs, mussels and prawns. I enjoyed a few of the oysters, crab, some clams and prawns, but it was G who did the platter justice by finishing it off.

The Japanese kitchen was split between a counter offering sushi, sashimi and Japanese salads (I tried some of the jellyfish salad which was very good!) and a robata which had all manner of different skewers (mostly chicken – D was in heaven!) including some delicious chicken meatball skewers (similar to the ones I had in Japan) as well as yakitori skewers with leek and thin pieces of chicken wrapped around asparagus spears before being BBQ’d. The eel looked amazing, coated in a thick teriyaki sauce and served on a skillet to keep it warm.

I bypassed the European Kitchen which had everything from Risotto (served in a parmesan wheel) salads and charcuterie to roast meats like beef, chicken and lamb with all the traditional accompaniments, although I did manage to make it to the cheese counter! Whilst they only offer a small selection of cheese, the ones they did have were in a good condition and nicely ripe. I think it was the Gin meringues that tipped me over the edge.

Mere metres from our table they began using frozen nitrogen to “freeze” little meringues made form gin. It was a fun thing to watch them prepare and the meringues were so much fun to eat (the “smoke” comes out of your nose as you eat them!) not to mention delicious! I must have eaten half a dozen of them before I remembered the wonderful selection of cakes on display and went to get a generous slice of Pecan Pie and some ice cream to finish.

At $138++ it is not a cheap option however this is very much the price of Champagne brunches in Singapore and Mezza9 is certainly up there with the very best for me. The food I actually managed to try was extremely good and I love Perrier Jouet champagne so I was very happy indeed! Combine this with the outstanding Service, the staff were friendly and attentive and our glasses barely got half empty before someone came to top them up. If you haven’t tried Mezza9 for brunch yet, I highly recommend you do!

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