Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Shop, Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore

Living in Little India can be full of surprises. I mean who would expect places like Morsels and Wanderlust to be practically on my doorstep? CSHH falls into that category. Located in a former hardware shop on Tyrwhitt road just off Jalan Besar, it is an “artisanal” coffee shop in the same vein as 40 Hands or Oriole serving up great coffee, breakfast dishes, cakes and more with the obligatory tattooed, black clad baristas serving it up to the adoring masses. Late afternoon, mid week at CSHH sees business jumping, young couples, groups of friends, business meetings and even scarlet robed monks on my last visit, an eclectic mix to be sure but then it’s hard not to like it here.

For $10 I had one of their specially matched cake and coffee combos, Espresso with milk (essentially a flat white) and a walnut brownie. The coffee is excellent. Rich and nutty with a velvety mouth feel, although the milk had not been frothed quite perfectly and a little split onto the saucer as it was served – no big deal when the coffee is so good though.

The brownie was up there with my Mums (a high compliment indeed) Moist and beautifully chocolaty this was a generously portioned brownie that one cold easily share after one of the savoury dishes they offer (scrambled eggs and bacon for $11, ham and cheese omelette for $9, smoked salmon and blinis $12 etc) that is assuming you weren’t tempted by the baklava from overdoughs (Artichoke cafes onsite bakery) that is.

Upstairs they have a quirky little boutique, Tyrwhitt general stores selling all sorts of books, tote bags, posters and more where I bought a smart little sketched map of Singapore for $12 which I am looking forward to having framed soon and out the back they have their own roastery and tasting annexe which I would be keen to go back and try. I know there is a lot of hype around these kind of coffee houses in Singapore but CSHH really deserves it, if you haven’t been I would recommend you do next time you need a caffeine fix and Kopi wont do it justice!

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