Brotzeit & MaiFest 2013, Raffles City

Apparently I have not posted about Brotzeit before, an unthinkable error on my part which I shall correct immediately! Brotzeit is familiar to many in Singapore as a German Bar and restaurant, serving extremely good German food (think Roast Pork Knuckle and lots of Sausages!) as well as Paulauner Beer, with around 1/2 dozen different varieties available, many on draught. Although they have several outlets, it is the Raffles City one I frequent the most, whether for a beer or a bite to eat and this week I have been for both which seemed as good a time to blog about it as any. In addition to a very good set lunch offer (soup or a salad followed by a choice of main from a small menu) they also do a sort of “afternoon tea” between 3-5pm where you can have a 300ml beer or a TWG tea or coffee and 3 small snack sized dishes for just $15. I chose the chicken ham sandwich (excellent – lovely, salty almost pretzelly bread with boiled egg, salad and chicken ham) as well as 2 pieces of breaded camembert (sinful but delicious) and a cheese and pork sausage (admittedly not my favourite as the casing was a little chewy but the pickles were great!) Next time I would order 2 of the sandwiches (they really were that good!) and maybe one of the dessert style items they offer (strudel etc)
MaiFest is something that seems to be quite popular in Singapore this year, randomly there will be a Mai (May) Fest in June on the Padang, but until this coming Sunday you can celebrate in a Beer tent outside Brotzeit at Raffles City. The waiting staff are dressed in traditional German Dirndals and they have a whole menu designed just for the event including an outstanding looking platter with a whole roast chicken, sausage and pork knuckle on it. At night they have the highly entertaining “Antons band” singing songs, making people do the conga, creating rude balloon sculptures etc and generally bringing a little taste of Austria to Singapore. The atmosphere is fun and the food and most importantly, beer is great so get down to Raffles City Brotzeit between now and Sunday to join in the fun!

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