Swee Choon 24 Hour Dim Sum, Jalan Besar, Singapore

I must have walked past Swee Choon on Jalan Besar at least 50 times without noticing it but if there is one thing I love it’s Dim Sum so a visit last week seemed the best way to rectify this oversight! Swee Choon has been in operation for almost 50 years and has garnered rave reviews from many publications, from Makansutra to the Sunday Times.

It was late when I visited (they are open 24 hours a day!) so I only ordered a couple of things to try on this exploratory visit, Siew Mai, Fried Pork Dumplings and my favourite, Xiao Long Bao. Everything I tried was very good, the Siew Mai were a little pale in colour but generously filled with Shrimp and Pork and piping hot.

The plump Pork Dumplings came next, perfectly crispy and very nicely done but it was the Xiao Long Bao that really impressed. With the exception of the ones I have tried at Din Tai Fung and here, I have been disappointed with XLB as the pastry at the top has been a little thick and they have proved difficult to suck the delicious soup out of (whilst I know people reading in Singapore will be more than aware of the technique needed to eat these, here is a link http://rasamalaysia.com/eating-xiao-long-bao-shanghai-soup/ for the uninitiated)

The Swee Choon ones were perfect and I would definitely go back on the strength of these alone! A quirky little touch I noticed was these little call for service buttons, the restaurant is busy and quite large so in order to attract attention when needed you have these little buttons to call when you are ready to order, order drinks or want the bill – ingenious and fun! A great little find for when I don’t fancy Indian food and just 10 minutes from my front door, oh and did I mention this came to $12 with tea? Yum!

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