Albert Cafeteria Steamboat, Beach Road, Singapore

I have never eaten Steamboat before and so was quite excited when work colleagues suggested we went for Steamboat down on Beach road. They charge $20 per person for all you can eat, as well as free flow lime juice or barley water. My colleagues chose the base soup as I clearly had no idea which to ask for and so we had half Tom Yum and half Chicken Soup although I didn’t actually try anything cooked in the Chicken Soup as the Tom Yum was so tasty! The restaurant has a large selection of raw items for you to cook in the Steamboat, all manner of different Meats, Shellfish, Vegetables, Beancurd Skin, Fishballs and little Mini Wontons filled with Pork and I have added some pictures of what we chose (as well as a sneaky picture I took of the guys on the table next to us who literally emptied the fridges when choosing their food!) I tried the Beancurd Skin, Enoki Mushrooms, Bok Choy, Prawns, Pork and Mini Wontons as well as some little Fritters with I think Crab inside? The Beancurd and Pork were very good, as were the Vegetables and I really liked the Tom Yum base with the Prawns, although I kept burning my fingers trying to peel them when they were too hot! I enjoyed my first Steamboat very much. It is a really fun, social meal to enjoy with a group of people and one of my colleagues tells me when she goes with friends they can sit there for up to 3 hours eating! I would love to hear where anyone recommends for steamboat as I definitely want to try this again!

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