Sothebys @ the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Recently Sotheby’s showcased the beautiful sculptures of Zadok Ben David in the Botanic gardens in Singapore. As it had been a while since I actually “did” anything on my day off, a friend and I decided that we would go to the gardens to see the art display and enjoy a walk in the sunshine before the exhibition closed at the end of Chinese New Year. The exhibits were scattered around the “Eco Garden” and really looked beautiful in the outdoor setting, although I can imagine they would be none the less impressive in an art gallery or in a stunning modern house if you were the type of person able to buy such artworks (which sadly I am not) We actually bumped into the director of the parks as we were walking round who stopped us to ask how we had enjoyed the exhibit and if we had gone to the gardens specifically to see them ( which of course we had) He was a very nice gentleman, who had previously been in charge of the running of Kew gardens (in London and a stunning, stunning day out should you be visiting anytime soon!) and we spent a good few minutes discussing how the exhibit had gone and how much we had enjoyed it, they even sold a few pieces through having it on display in the gardens. It was interesting to have something else to look at in the gardens apart of course from the beautiful nature and I would be keen to visit again should they hold another exhibit like this as it was a great “gallery” setting.

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