S.E.A Aquarium, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

So I have just got home from a fun afternoon at what is apperently “The Worlds Largest Aquarium” at Resorts World Sentosa. WOW! It really is an amazing day out and should definitely be on any tourist itinerary when visiting Singapore, hell everyone should spend the $29 whether they are a tourist or not. The entrance to the Aquarium has an exhibition on Pirates of the East and the Maritime Silk Route at the moment which was an unexpected bonus and very interesting. The Silk Route linked up to 100 cities and ports and saw trade in everything from silk, spices, porcelain to exotic animals for hundreds of years from Quanzhou, China to Maklindi, Kenya via Malacca, Sri Lanka, Calcutta and Muscat amongst others. The exhibition has small areas designated as ports along those routes with information about the items traded and the port or country involved. From here we went on the excellent interactive Tphoon show where we “boarded a ship” alongside Chinese Merchants on their way to Oman, only to be shipwrecked and end up on the sea bed or the Aquarium itself! The scale of the Aquarium and the individual tanks is just something else, it really does feel like you are in the Ocean! We saw everything from fascinating Razor fish to Sea horses, all different kinds of Rays and Sharks and my favourites, the Sea Jellys! Have a look at my pictures and see for yourself….

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