More adventures out East! The Cider Pit, Huong Viet and Awfully Chocolate

I have been spending more and more time out near the east coast as a few friends live near there and it has plenty of places to choose from when deciding where to go and get a bite to eat or have a drink. I have visited the Cider pit a few times recently, owned by a guy form the UK they sell great value wines (by the bottle only) as well as numerous different types of beers and ciders. My first visit I was quiet happily enjoying the Little Creatures pale Ale until I decided to try the Jungle Beer, Orange and Mango flavor – not a success to put it mildly!

On my return I played it safe with more of the Little Creatures and then onto a Wychcraft Blonde Beer which I really enjoyed. All this hot weather and the price of spirits/wine has turned me into a prolific beer drinker now, I don’t see my father being too impressed! The Cider Pit is extremely laid back and their drinks are absolute bargains, it’s a great place to hang out with a group of friends on a lazy afternoon.

Whilst they do sell food (Bacon Baps, Sausage and chips etc) We decided instead to head across the road to Huong Viet, a low key Vietnamese restaurant when we were ready to eat.

We ordered some Chilli Cockles, Fried Frogs Legs, a Green Mango salad, Coconut Rice, Vietnamese Summer Rolls (you can even see the two veggie ones they kindly did for my friend who doesn’t eat fish or meat) and some Chilli Prawns to share between 4 of us as D could only enjoy the Veggie Sumer Rolls.

The Cockles came surprisingly quickly, so quickly in fact they weren’t even cooked properly and none of them had opened up! When they returned for a second time they were a surprise hit, I liked the fact they were so small but still had a lot of flavor. The Frogs Legs were also good, nicely fried but not oily and small enough to still be considered Frog (you see some surprisingly large frogs Legs in Singapore which I am not too sure is a good thing!)

The Rice was excellent, it had small pieces of Seafood inside, everything from Prawn to Octopus and was great with the Prawns. My friends decided to do that Magic Prawn trick again by peeling them in their mouth – it still freaks me out! I hate getting any of the shell in my mouth, Urrrghhh! The Summer Rolls were perhaps the dish I was most familiar with but also the most disappointing. They had too much lettuce inside and very little flavor, but the Chilli and Lime Sauce served with them was delicious and we polished off several additional portions of the sauce with the rest of the dishes. I think we paid around $20 each again but I have to be honest and say I am not entirely sure? Anyway it certainly isn’t expensive.

From here we wandered up to Awfully Chocolate for desserts. Whilst Awfully Chocolate does sell a few savoury dishes, looking around you can see that people are all there to enjoy one of their chocolate laden desserts. I chose a Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie and the others had Chocolate Cup Cakes and the “Super Stacked Chocolate Cake” which was layered Chocolate Cake with Fudge. Desserts are around $6 each and Coffees start at $4 and head up to double that if you want to have a Flavoured Latte for example. A nice little spot to go for Coffee and Cake, I can imagine if you lived nearby it might be dangerous!

Where are you favourite spots out East? Where should I visit next?

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