Melt – World Café Champagne Brunch, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore

My friend is always one step ahead of me with her blog posts but finally I seem to be catching up! Her birthday fell just around the start of Chinese New Year and so our planned Cherry Garden Brunch was not to be owing to the fact that both she and I were not too keen on all the additional traditional items and expense this incurred. After a bit of research, we still settled on the Mandarin Oriental but at their Melt-World Café instead as they seemed to have a wide range of dishes available (not to mention the free flow Veuve Cliquot!) We had a table out by the Desserts which was nice as it meant that we were a little bit tucked away from the main “action” and were really able to relax.

I think D has mentioned that the Champagne service was a little slow at times which is true but we certainly never felt neglected and had a very enjoyable afternoon indeed. I started with some King Crab leg which was very nice, the joy of having shellfish from such cool waters is that the meat is incredibly sweet. I moved on to a few Oysters, again trying to test the waters and see if I was able to stomach them after my food poisoning incident with cooked Oysters mentioned earlier.

The Raw Oysters were a success and I managed a couple before I decided it would be better not to push it too much and moved on. Whilst the Lobster Tail G had was proclaimed very good, mine was not so tasty and I ended up leaving this in favour of the Scallops which were nicely done.

The Sushi and Sashimi was also pretty good, they only have a small selection to choose from but again the quality is what impresses. One of the best things about Melt was that they even have a BBQ! I gather they do different things usually but as it was Chinese New Year they had a small Lamb on the Rotisserie that a few of the gang tried and thought good.

I chose to have a couple of BBQ’D Prawns with some Salad and watched agog as others on the table managed to do the “Chinese way” of putting them into their mouth still shelled and chewing up the shell to remove it!!! I just can’t handle that so used my finger to peel them , making a huge mess in the process!

I should point out my gratitude that we were also rescued from the BBQ by a charming chef who noticing the torrential rain, went to fetch an umbrella so he could escort us back to shelter without us or our food getting soaked!

The Indian food looked delicious so I tried some of the Beetroot Croquettes, Dahl, Channa Palak (Spinach and Chickpea Curry) and also some Potato Curry with fresh Naan straight out of their Tandoor. By now as you can imagine I was pretty full (although when you see the amount of food some people eat at these brunches I never cease to be amazed)

The mostly French Cheese selection included some excellent Fourme D’ambert which I know my mother would have appreciated (it is one of her favourite cheese and a typical lunch for us would be to have it in a Salad with Walnuts, Pear and Chicory) The Brie was also nicely matured as was the Saint Nectaire.

We were distracted from eating while the Lion dance came around the restaurant and I realized I had some ang pows left after giving them to my team at work and so we waved them at the dancers so they would come to our table for extra “auspiciousness!” Lion dance over and brunch was coming to an end – had we really been there for the best part of 3 hours? Wow!

Of course I squeezed in some dessert, a very good croquembouche and macaroons as well as a chocolate dipped marshmallow and a couple of Chinese New Year Biscuits as well as sharing some fruit and jelly pearls with the group over much laughter before we were finally done.

Melt usually charges $138++ for brunch but we paid $158++ as it was Chinese New Year which is fair enough. In addition to the champagne they offer beer and wines by the glass (Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc none the less!) but I never made it past the champagne on this occasion! I definitely enjoyed being a lady who brunches and enjoyed myself immensely – thanks for the invite D!

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